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You will always find great selection at Plymouth Furniture Clearance - best price with no gimmicks.



The combined 4 showrooms at Plymouth Furniture are as large as a football field.  Most people that come to Plymouth Furniture after visiting other furniture stores and say "I wish I would have started looking for furniture here." Great selection and great prices.




Don't waste your time with trying to understand all the gimmicks everyone else has - just come to Plymouth Furniture Clearance.




The prices you see is what the furniture and bedding sell for. We put the lowest price possible on our clearance center furniture and mattresses. Many furniture stores raise their prices then having complicated sales that make you feel like you are saving money when in reality their "sale" price is still more than our everyday price. We don't show over inflated prices and then run holiday, super Saturday or one day sales to make you feel like you are saving money - we have one price on everything!



Everything in Plymouth Furniture Clearance is ready to buy and take off the showroom floor. Bring your truck and trailer with you and get ready to save. We have people drive from hours away to come to Plymouth Furniture Clearance - what you spend in gas you will save on furniture - it's worth the drive.




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